Leadership Team


Steve Holt

Pastor Teacher
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Ryan Styre

Associate Pastor of Administration and Middle School
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Bobby Sanders

Associate Pastor of Missions
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Michael Brymer

Associate Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts
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Steve Hassoldt

Associate Pastor of Children

Ethan & Deborah Perkins

Millennial and High School Directors

Christine Hawk

Women’s Director



The Road Shepherds are spiritual leaders within our congregation that oversee the pastoral and spiritual needs of our church. They are in the role of ministry to the people of The Road through visitation, pastoral needs, healing, ministry and prayer. They spiritually shepherd the congregation and enable others in our church to minister to each other.

Neal Gunn

Richard Dutt

Case Boogaard

Randy Valentine

Financial Stewards

The Road Stewards oversee the financial stewardship of the church. They make decisions in matters related to the budget, staffing, and financial decisions that impact the whole church.

Josh & Amy Personius

Steve & Carin Clark

Dennis & Michelle Cates


The Road Overseers are men who have a proven track record of many years of fruitfulness in ministry, strong marriages, and have a personal relationship with Steve and Liz. They are overseers for the purpose of ministering to and pastoring Steve and Liz in their relationship with God and each other. They are also available if there were any controversy related to areas of financial, sexual, or theological issues.

Dr. Dick Eastman

Church Overseer
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H.B. London

Church Overseer
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George Stahnke

Church Overseer
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Paul Stanley

Church Overseer
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