C-Groups (Community Groups)

Our vision at The Road @ Chapel Hills is the building of wholehearted disciples of Jesus. Jesus did some of His deepest teaching in the context of small intimate groups of people in homes. We believe that the best spiritual wholehearted training happens in the context of a small group, in a home, with other like-minded believers. A C-Group (Community Group) is a community of men and women who meet in a home on a weekly or bi-monthly basis and share life together.

We have found that men bond best shoulder to shoulder and women bond most deeply face to face. The C-Group context provides an atmosphere for both to happen as we read and study God’s Word, share about heart issues, pray and learn to love through sharing mutual activities.

Wholehearted intimacy with people through sharing our lives together exponentially deepens our walk with Christ. It is in this context that real authenticity and growth happens.

C-Group List

Worship Nights

Leaders: Mike & Aly Mecham ­
Day/Time: Saturdays, 6:30-8:30 PM
For Who? Men, Women, Singles, Married, College, High School
Location: Stetson Hills Area (Contact for address)
Description: Creating community through worshipping together! There is a friendly dog in the home and children are welcome.

C-Grouping Jesus’ Way

Leaders: Chad & Paula Palmer ­
Day/Time: Every Other Saturday, 5:30 PM
For Who? Men, Women, Families and Children
Location: Falcon (Contact for address)

The Harmony of the Gospels

Leaders: Robert Moore
Day/Time: Fridays, 6:00 PM
For Who? Men, Women, Singles, Married, College, High School
Location: Moore Home (Contact for address)

Interactive Bible Study

Leaders: Don & Carol Hulin
Day/Time: Every Other Wednesday, 7:00 PM (This group will be breaking between 6/1 and 9/6, 2017)
For Who? Men, Women, Singles, Married
Location: Powers & Stetson Hills Area (Contact for address)

Prayer, Bible & Journal Group

Leaders: Jay & Jan Inman
Day/Time: Once a month
For Who? Parents
Location: Changes according to date (Contact for more info)

Evangelism 101

Purpose: There are two purposes for this group, first is the share the gospel and second is to help equip the saints to share the gospel. If you have never shared your faith before this would be a great place to start learning how.
Leader: Samuel Buescher
Day/Time: 2nd and 4th Friday, 6:30-8:00pm
For Who? Everyone
Location: Chapel Hills Mall
Contact:  or (719) 425-7892

Outreach C-Group

Leaders: Roland & Pam Berggren
For Who? For anyone who desires to grow in evangelism together with others.

Going out to share the Gospel is so much easier when we do it together. This group exists to gather a community of experienced evangelists and anyone who desires to grow in evangelism. As a community, we will encourage each other with our shared experience, support each other to become even more effective as ‘fishers of men. 

Some of the Friday talk topics:
  1. How do I overcome fear?
  2. How do I share the Gospel with strangers
  3. How to share your testimony (do’s and donts)
  4. How to cultivate a burden for the lost
  5. The power of the of the word of God
  6. 5. Apologetics (e.g. how to talk to atheists)
  7. How to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the context of evangelism?
  8. Praying for the sick
  9. Casting out demons
  10. Prayer evangelism
  11. Leading someone in the sinners prayer
  12. The love of God
  13. Heaven or hell

 and much more. There is no pressure to do the outreach part. Come anyway! Check it out and you might want to join the outreach part later.  Let’s join Jesus in His mission: He came to seek and save the lost. Let it become our mission. “…they went out everywhere and He worked with them confirming His word by accompanying signs.” – Mark 16:20 

 Everyone welcome!  

Downtown street evangelism every 2nd and 4th Friday at 7pm. Worship, prayer and training. Downtown Outreach start at 9PM- 11PM.
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month @8:30am. Serving breakfast, praying and ministering to the homeless downtown.
(We also like musicians to join us for specific outreaches, contact us for info)

More outreaches will be added as we go.

Potluck fellowship every 2nd Saturday ea. month @ 3pm at our house.

Contact: Roland and Pam Berggren
Ph: 719.265.9054