D-Groups (Discipleship Groups)

Jesus did his most intimate teaching through the context of three to twelve men, whom He specifically chose to pour his life into. It was through these men that the gospel went out to the world. We believe that the D-Group model is one of the most effective ways to grow into being a wholehearted disciple.

The Road encourages D-Groups (Discipleship-Groups) as our way of equipping believers to fulfill Jesus’ command. D-Groups are made up of 3 or 4 (triad/quad) people of the same gender meeting regularly to build relationship with Jesus and one another, (i.e. sharing life through intimacy, transparency, and life-change accountability in the areas of their spiritual growth and development).

We ask that all Discipleship Groups begin with the Navigator’s book, “Growing in Christ,” in order to set a common foundation within the church. It is a 13 lesson series on Assurances and Christian Living. They are available at The Road for $6 or you can purchase online. Fill out the contact form below if you would like to buy the book directly from The Road.

The format of a D-Group focuses on The Word of God (reading), internalization of the reading (what did God show me), sharing life stories – what God revealed, prayer for one another, and prayer for the lost. This format is known as Up (Word, God), In (what is God saying to me), and Out (reaching the lost).

Join a D-Group

For more information, or to become part of a D-Group or to facilitate a D-Group, use the contact information below. It’s easy! Practical tools are provided to begin to facilitate a triad/quad. If you are new to The Road, we encourage you to join an existing D-Group, to connect with others and develop relationships.

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Growing in Christ

D-Groups start with the Navigator’s book, “Growing in Christ.” Books are available at The Road for $6 or you can purchase online.

Lessons on Assurance

Assurance of Salvation
Assurance of Answered Prayer
Assurance of Victory
Assurance of Forgiveness
Assurance of Guidance

Lessons on Christian Living

Putting Christ First
His Strength
God’s Word
The Church
Good Works

Flow of a D-Group

Word of God


Internalization of the Reading

(What Did God Show Me)

Prayer for the Lost

(Reaching Out to the Lost)