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Al McCausland

Associate Pastor of Assimilation & Empowerment

Al received Christ in his late teens at the tail end of the Jesus Movement, and has been serving God ever since. Al believes the standard for maturity in the kingdom of God is child-likeness, something he has never lost, still waking up each morning with the expectancy of a 5-year old on Christmas morning. Ministering across multiple cultures and regions across the country, Al brings with him a proven track record of awakening hearts, igniting dreams, and motivating the masses.

Before coming to The Road, Al had a 45-year career in the food industry, opening 41 restaurants from fine dining to fast food, and from coffee bars to pizza shops, over 15 different states.

Al currently helps lead the Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs, or LIFE, a global for-profit company teaching missions funders and senders how to launch, grow, and scale businesses. The founding team at LIFE has impacted over 110 nations.

Al is a graduate of Shippensburg University, he is the father of 4 adult children and grandfather of 1.

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