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C.A.R.E. (Compassion And Restoration Encourager) Ministry was established to aid those in The Road who are walking through a difficult time. We provide help with meal trains for those recovering from a hospital visit, funeral/memorial service coordination, health recovery, resource assistance, and counseling services. Our vision is that the family of The Road would reach out to each other. If you are in a season of life in which you are able to offer assistance, please consider being a part of our servant leadership team by clicking “Give CARE.” There are so many areas to sign up and you can choose those within your gifting.


Receive help initiating a meal train for someone recovering from a birth or a hospital visit. For assistance, email Jen by clicking here.

Funerals & Memorials

We are here to walk you through the service planning process. For assistance, email Jen by clicking here.

Health Recovery

Move toward a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Resources are available for your health journey. Find out more by clicking here.

Resource Assistance

Receive assistance with living resources such as food and financial services from H.H. Community Resources. Click here.

Formational Prayer

Formational Prayer is a method used to strategically position a person through prayer to have an experiential encounter with the Lord under the direction of the Holy Spirit. During the session, lies and false beliefs that have hindered spiritual growth and caused emotional upheavals in life are identified and broken. Then the truths of God are revealed, bringing hope, encouragement, and healing into the dark places of pain and brokenness.


These counselors attend the The Road @ Chapel Hills:

George Stahnke

Renee Scruitsky, MA MFTC
(719) 659-4463