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January 27-28, 2023
The Road @ Chapel Hills


The hook-up culture, infidelity, abortion on demand, gender confusion…what’s going on in our nation?!

For generations, the sexual revolution has waged war against most Americans.  ALL of us have been impacted, and many are experiencing serious and long-lasting repercussions from this cultural chaos.   You may be suffering without even being aware of the cause.  Our precious children are especially affected!

Amazingly, modern science can now measure what the Bible has been proclaiming for thousands of years…

Did you know that the human brain is actually damaged by engaging in causal sex, porn, and other types of sexual activity outside of marriage?  Neuroscience proves it!

But the wonderful news is that God can rewire your mind and heal your wounds completely!

At this conference, we will minister how “God, Sex, and Science” converge to provide novel and practical solutions for overcoming our past unhealthy behaviors.   Truth sets us free and empowers us to be delivered from our hurt and shame, no matter how traumatic our experiences.

Keynote speakers Melissa Ohden and Lisa Davis will equip you to understand God’s design for a Kingdom of God Revolution in your life, while our panel of experts from pro-life organizations will boldly and openly address your questions and concerns on subjects relating to the matters of life.

Save the Storks, Life Network, and other pro-life organizations will also have representatives at the event.

Be encouraged and experience hope like never before!

Because of the mature content that will be discussed at this conference, we recommend that children 13 and under not attend.  Childcare will not be provided.

Interview with Steve Holt about God, Sex & Science Conference


Melissa Ohden

Abortion Survivor

Abortion is one of the many harmful offsprings of the sexual revolution. Melissa Ohden has an empowering story of discovering God’s love and forgiveness, as an abortion survivor. She reconnected with her biological family as a young adult. As you can imagine, she had to walk through the process of forgiving those who wanted to end her life. We will hear this heartwarming story.

Melissa will tell us that there are still too many failed abortions even today. It’s traumatic and messy for those involved in this unexpected outcome. She also has a victorious story of adoption into a loving, nurturing family.

Melissa is a national level speaker and has been featured on Fox News, Focus on the family broadcast and many other well-known platforms.

Lisa Davis

Psychiatric Nurse & Abortion Trauma Specialist

Lisa Davis is a psychiatric nurse and post abortion trauma care counselor. She and her husband Mike are the directors of Deeper Still Ministries of Northern Indiana. Lisa has a podcast, “Healing the Abortion Wounded Heart.”

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge about the sexual revolution and hook-up sex culture. She has done in-depth studies on the ways our brains work, and will explain the differences of the female brain and the male brain in reference to sexuality. Lisa will be talking to us about the effects of casual sex on our brains and the biological impact of casual sex on our physical bodies. The CDC itself predicts that soon every person in America will have an STI. You don’t want to miss her take on that.

Lisa and Mike have their own redemptive story about deciding on an abortion to end their unplanned pregnancy. You will hear at the conference their journey toward God’s life changing love and forgiveness. Mike also will be speaking to the issue of how men deal with post abortion trauma. He explains how men in this predicament will tend toward anger issues and addictions.

Mike and Lisa are equipped to share the detrimental issues of the hook-up culture and how to experience God’s healing power.


Doors open on Friday at 5:45 pm & Saturday at 8:15 am for registration and security check-in. Please have your Confirmation Code and ID available. Large bags and backpacks are discouraged.

Friday, January 27 

5:45 pm               Doors open
6:30 pm               Welcome & Worship
7:00 pm               Keynote Speaker – Melissa Ohden 

Saturday, January 28 

8:15 am               Doors open
9:00 am              Welcome & Worship
9:15 am               Keynote Speaker Session 1 – Lisa Davis
10:00 am            Break – refreshments provided
10:30 am            Keynote Speaker Session 2 – Lisa Davis
11:30 am             Panel Discussion
12:30 am             Conference End


Pre-Conference Registration:(until January 26)
$25 for adults, $15 for ages 14-18

At-the-Door Pricing:(January 27 & 28)
$35 for adults, $25 for ages 14-18