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Covenant of Harmony


As believers in Jesus, we represent Christ and His Church. As such, we abide by biblical principles regarding interpersonal relationships — how and what we communicate with others.

 At The Road @ Chapel Hills, we desire to guard harmony in all relationships. The Bible gives us guidelines to safeguard relationships. In Matthew 18:15-17, it says that if I question the conduct of another, or if I hear of accusations that may be shared with me (or others) regarding a fellow brother or sister, no matter his or her position, I will go first to that specific person to discuss this matter with him or her before going to any other individual.

 If there is a clear rejection of a genuine attempt to offer spiritual correction or admonition, I will further follow the Matthew 18:15-17 pattern and take with me another brother or sister to mediate the situation, carefully refusing to allow the matter to become a potential source of dissension. (Proverbs 6:16-19).


7 Practical Ways of Resolving Conflicts:

1. We will meet face-to-face to resolve conflicts.
2. We will not use email or texting for resolving conflicts.
3. We will not write a letter unless the person reads it, during a face-to-face meeting.
4. We will use “I” messages, not “you” messages, in communication.
5. We will be willing to admit our error and contribution to a problem, before speaking the truth about a conflict.
6. We will choose to let the unity of love be our highest goal, not being right.
7. We will forgive the other person even if all the issues are not completely worked out.