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At The Road, our vision is a Kingdom of God Revolution through empowering people to change the world. EmpowerU is designed to train people in how to make an impact for the kingdom of God in all aspects of culture. We provide inline (live) classes taught by men and women who are powerfully living the Kingdom Revolution.

Summer Class

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Teacher: Al McCausland
Thursdays, June 8 – July 20, 6-9 PM, (not meeting June 29)
Meets in The Road Library

Class fee: $100 covers extensive workbook “7 Strata of Intrapreneurial Organizations,” a Modified Business Model Canvas Workbook, and class handouts.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 6-week, 24-step, MIT-level, systematic approach to entrepreneurship. Utilizing the book “7 Strata of Intrapreneurial Organizations” each week we introduce 6 new videos, and world class teaching, that will cover 6 different themes on how to start a business.

There will be assigned reading and homework each week, and you will be exposed to a lot of information in a short period of time. After 6 weeks you will walk away from the course with a clear understanding if your business idea is viable, sustainable, profitable, and scalable, all before spending a dime on your business.

If you have an existing business, you will learn the core fundamentals to achieve product market fit for your product, revenue growth, and how to increase your business valuation.

Are you ready to begin drinking from the fire hose?


Sunday Morning 11:15 AM


Teacher: Joni Shepherd | Location: Conference Room
To end abortion effectively, the church needs to become safe. Abortion is traumatic and permeates the church far more than we realize. It is often chosen under intense pressure with no support for life. Let’s change that! This class will equip us to understand why we need to become a safe haven that proactively champions biblical sexuality and life and redemptively heals those wounded by sexual sin and abortion. We have the resources and power to help heal the wounded and support moms and dads so abortion doesn’t have to become part of their story. COME BE A PART OF CHANGING THE CULTURE! With the Word of God as our guide, we will delve into the most sensitive subjects and learn how God wants to redeem them through us and our church. For more info, contact Joni at or 503-789-0974.

The Spirit and the Bride Say, Come!

Teacher: Lisa Hoffmann | Location: Library

The Spirit and the Bride Say, Come! is a response to the reveille call going out to the Church. The Church is waking up, trimming our lamps, and tuning in. The Warrior’s bride is a warrior bride! She is meant to walk in confidence with insight, power, authority, and in accordance to scripture. She doesn’t bury her talents and idly wait for His return but rather is engaged and impacting every part of culture, overcoming the darkness and chaos. This timely class targets anyone who wants to go deeper in their relationshiop with Christ, and is designed to prepare the Church to navigate the profound times we find ourselves living within.

Sign & Wonders

Teacher: Bill Russell | Location: Chapel
Teaching students to pray for the sick from the Bible. Jesus left his instructions for a lifestyle of daily living in signs and wonders. When we live like Jesus did, it is powerful and over 80% of the people get healed.

Sunday Evening Class

Class meets once per month on Sunday Evening from 4:00-8:00 PM

Next Phase Marriage

Teacher: Tim and Julie Enders | Chapel
Are you looking for a way to connect at The Road? We invite you to experience a vibrant community with other married couples 50+ as we enter into the next phase of life with Purpose, Passion and Play. Next Phase Marriage Community is a dynamic place for couples who desire friendship, fellowship and fun activities with other believers to connect. Each month enjoy a purpose focused meeting with relevant discussion, games, testimonies, and food. Also enjoy other adventures such as biking, hiking, camping, movies, sports, retreats, outings, and planned group vacations. Find relationship support for your marriage and family, spiritual growth, life long friends, and renew your passion for one another by connecting with Next Phase Marriage Community today.

Thursday Evening Class

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Teacher: Al McCausland | Library
Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a 24-step, systematic approach course, that covers all the aspects of starting a business. Students will learn everything from ideation to operations, scaling their business and exit strategies. Students will walk away with a clear understanding if their business idea is viable, sustainable, and scalable, all before spending a dime on their startup. If you are already in business, students will learn the core fundamentals to achieve product market fit, revenue growth, and increased business valuation.