At The Road, our vision is a Kingdom of God Revolution through empowering people to change the world. EmpowerU is designed to train people in how to make an impact for the kingdom of God in all aspects of culture. We provide inline (live) classes taught by men and women who are powerfully living the Kingdom Revolution. In Fall 2022, we will also be launching online classes.

May 1-June 19, 2022
Summer registration is now closed. Check back for a list of Fall Classes.

Sunday 9:00 AM classes:

Discovery & Release from the Inherited, Generational Line, Effects of Freemasonry on the Individual & Family
Teacher Otto Bixler
In this course, you will discover the normally secret oaths of Freemasonry, how they work, how to get free from them, and then have them released from your life.

School of Miracles
Teacher Bill Russell
Teaching a lifestyle of daily living in signs and wonders.
Class limited to 30 people.

Science – Examining God’s Underlying Wonders of the Universe
Teacher Robert Moore
Using our primary study text from “Is Atheism Dead” by Eric Metaxas, we will acquaint ourselves with a wide spectrum of Scientific arenas, finding that each strengthens our belief in our Lord God.  We encourage each listener that Science, though it has often been corrupted to be a work of the devil, is waiting to reveal our Lord’s handiwork with wonderful details our of reality.

“Love, Dates, and Heartbreaks” by Andy Stanley
Teacher Christine Bogardus
A 6-week video series for all adults (single and married) wanting to identify healthy and unhealthy patterns in dating and marriage. 

10:45 AM Classes:

Spiritual Authority & Warfare: Walking in Dominion
Teacher Devin Christensen
Originally designed as a course for missionaries being sent into the field, this class is focused on the real-life application of spiritual truths. This course confronts the realities of life and provides practical steps to walk in victory and dominion of generational bondage, nightmares, broken relationships, addictions, occult, or demons.

Winning the Culture War
Teacher Ken Crane
This class offers an overview of Greg Koukl’s book Tactics which will equip you with practical tools to winsomely and effectively stand up for truth and navigate controversial conversations with confidence. You will not only sharpen your Biblical convictions but also learn how to think critically about other worldviews dominating the cultural spotlight.

What’s Next for Planet Earth – The Promises and Prophecies of Christ
Teacher Peter Malott
In Matthew 24, Jesus described what earth looked like at His Second Coming.  He said those signs would be trends that would grow stronger as the time of His Second Coming got closer.  There are ten, they have all begun!  Do you see them all around us? 

Secrets of the Bride (For Women)
Teacher Lisa Hoffmann
This eight-week, timely series is designed to deep dive into how the Church relates to Christ as a bride to a bridegroom, and how we should prepare for His coming. The Warrior’s bride is a Warrior Bride. I hope you will join me in discovering how vital this relational aspect is to navigating the profound times we find ourselves living in.