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At The Road, our vision is a Kingdom of God Revolution through empowering people to change the world. EmpowerU is designed to train people in how to make an impact for the kingdom of God in all aspects of culture. We provide inline (live) classes taught by men and women who are powerfully living the Kingdom Revolution. In Fall 2022, we will also be launching online classes.

Sept. 25 – Nov. 13

Classes have begun for the fall semester. Check back for a list of classes beginning in January, 2023.

8:30 AM Service

Winning the Culture War

Facilitator: Ken Crane
This class offers an overview of Greg Koukl’s book, Tactics. This class will equip you with practical tools to winsomely and effectively stand up for truth and navigate controversial conversations with confidence. You will not only sharpen your Biblical convictions but also learn how to think critically about other worldviews dominating the cultural spotlight.

Fire At The Founding: Let’s Restore the Foundations!

Facilitator: Thomas Jacobson
This class will give you a true understanding of the Christian foundations of our nation – from the words of the 1700’s clergy for liberty, righteousness, morality, and the just limits of government – and their application for today.

9:45 AM Service

The Old Testament in Eight Hours

Facilitator: Jay Inman
We will converge Bible, history, worldview, prophecy, and culture into this class. We will walk the six Saeculums of Israel from Judges to Babylonian captivity, walking the major and minor prophets’ places in this amazing Bible story.

Rule and Reign: Find Gods Unique Purpose, Place, and Power for your Life

Facilitator Daniel Holt
This class will teach you about how to find your purpose and direction for your life. It will also do a deep dive into the callings we all have to ‘rule and reign’ within our unique places of where we are to be.

11:30 AM Service

Get Equipped

Facilitator: Joni Shepard
To end abortion effectively, the church needs to become safe. An issue affecting both men and women, abortion is traumatic and permeates the church far more than we realize and is often chosen under intense pressure with no support for life. Let’s change that!  This class equips us to understand why we need to become a safe haven that proactively champions biblical sexuality and life and redemptively heals those wounded by sexual sin and abortion.  COME BE A PART OF CHANGING THE CULTURE! We will delve confidently into the most sensitive subjects and learn how God wants to redeem them through us and our church. Two books required: Memoirs of a Christian Who Chose Abortion and Get EQUIPPED Student Manual (Available soon!)

School of Miracles (limited to 30 people)

Facilitator: Bill Russell
Teaching a lifestyle of daily living in signs & wonders. Materials cost $20.

Return of the Gods

Facilitator: Christine Bogardus
Join us for an 8-week DVD series live with Rabbi Jonathon Cahn called “Return of the Gods.” Is it possible that fallen beings from ancient times are the unseen catalysts of modern culture? Are dark forces from ancient times transforming our culture, our children, our lives, and America? Jonathon Cahn introduces the principalities and powers by name and identifies their agenda.

Tuesday Class

Sept. 27- Nov. 22
6-8 PM

School of Miracles (class limited to 30 people)

Facilitator: Bill Russell
Teaching a lifestyle of daily living in signs & wonders. Materials cost $20.