Community Groups

The best spiritual training happens in the context of community groups with other believers in Jesus. Each community group revolves around the Word of God, a meal, and friendship. To sign up for a group or find out more information, please email the community group leader of the group that you are interested in. We also host trainings on a regular basis for those who want to lead their own group. Keep your eye on the calendar for the next training.

Family Life Everyday (Family-friendly)

Michael Gouveia,
Thursdays, 6 PM, Sept. 9 – Nov. 19
Zip: 80919
We are the Gouveia family party of 6! This multi-generational community group focused on encouraging each other in the faith. Discussions are based on recent sermons and kid-friendly, family devotionals. Our hope is to start to train the kids up in prayer, discipleship and fellowship.

Devoted to One Another: Building Strong Relationships (Family-friendly)

Jeff & Lane Morrell,
Tuesdays, 7 PM, Sept. 7 – Dec. 14
Zip: 80918
With great fellowship time over a meal, our goal is for everybody to really get to know each other, have some laughs and good talks, to become family over time. After the meal, we’ll have a Bible discussion – usually around the sermon from the previous Sunday, but sometimes over a topic we feel led to talk about. The newcomer who is just starting to seek God is always welcome, as well as seasoned Christians, single or married – we never want anybody to feel unwelcome or intimidated.

Briargate Bible Discovery (Family-friendly)

Jonathan Bouriaque,
Tuesdays, 6 PM, Sept. 7 – Nov. 30
Zip: 80920
We are focused on developing strong “family of God” relationships with fellow believers as we develop a deeper understanding of the Bible. We plan to eat together, worship, and pray. For our study of the Bible, we will be digging into the Bible passages from the weekly sermon.

Empowered for Service (Family-friendly)

Cheri Abraham,
Tuesdays, 6 PM, Sept. 14 – Dec. 14
Zip: 80923
We have been chosen to live in the most exciting time imaginable for the Christian Church. As each family brings food for a weekly potluck, we will gather to seek the empowerment of Holy Spirit, pray that God would ignite those around us, and encourage each other in our faith and outreach.

Banning Lewis 2:42 Group (Family-friendly)

Dan Burkhart,
Every other Tuesday, 6:30 PM, Sept. 14 – Dec. 14
Zip: 80927
Our vision is to be spiritual allies, dig deeper into the Word by unpacking the sermon, enjoy times of fellowship, and seek opportunities to share life together. A typical evening will consist of fellowship, worship, discussion of the sermon, and prayer.

Rooted & Grounded (Adults Only)

Doug & Barb Guilzon,
Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Sept. 9 – Nov. 18
Zip: 80921
We will meet weekly to dig into a book of the Bible or a classic Christian non-fiction book. This will challenge each of us to grow deeper in our faith and with one another. Prayer and fellowship will be a part of our weekly gathering as well as an extended time of fellowship and potluck once a month.

Grace & Peace (Adults Only)

Al & Arlene Andersen,
2nd & 4th Fri., 6:30-9 PM, Sept. 14 – Nov. 11
Zip: 80132
Our community group seeks to live with passion, extending grace and peace one to another as we grow together. We will be building God’s kingdom through fun, food, fellowship, commitment, and serving each other.

Mene Mene Tekel: Courageous Faith when the Writing is on the Wall (Adults Only)

Jay & Jan Inman,
Sundays, 6:15 PM, Sept. 19 – Nov. 14,
Zip: 80920
We want to take students on a journey that ranges across seven turnings. From the Reformation to today, Western Civilization has survived six awakening/crises turnings. I believe we are in the seventh crises turning of Western Civilization in general and the English-speaking people, in particular. Our focus on Scripture will traverse the seven churches of Asia in Rev. 2-3, the seven parables of Matt 13, and the seven crises turnings of Ancient Israel. The focus is on helping people be like the sons of Issachar, discerning the times of our seventh crises turning.

Revival Nights (Young Adults)

Maria Davis,
Wednesdays, 6:45 PM, Starting Aug. 17
Zip: 80918
This group for primarily young adults passionate about growing deep in their faith, knowledge of The Word, fervent prayer, and want to experience the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Mountain Men Monthly Hikers (Men Only)

Al Andersen,
Monthly on a Sat., 7 AM, Sept. 18 – Dec. 14
I’m Al Andersen and I have a passion for hiking. On the first Saturday of every month, I’m going to lead a hike on the Colorado Springs/Monument/Palmer Lake front range. They will last 2-4 hours, cover 5-7 miles, and include 1200-2000 feet vertical climb. Each month will be different and I’ll explain trails and the surrounding areas as we hike each trail. From log cabin remains to mining remains to air plane crash sites; there will be something different each month. This is a great way to connect to with other men. See you at the trail head…

Love & Respect (Couples Only)

Larry & Marcia Williams
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Sept. 8 – Dec. 1
Zip: 80923
We have openings for four more couples. Whether you have been married 70 days or 70 years you will be challenged and entertained as you discover keys that will revolutionize your marriage. You will learn new skills that will both enhance and enrich your marriage to be all God intended. Come join us in this journey to not only bless your family, but also bless those seeking examples of Godly marriages.

Dance in the Church (Family-friendly)

Evelyn Wyss,
Tuesdays, 6:30-8 PM, Aug 31 – Nov. 30
Zip: 80920
Many times in the Bible, we are called to dance. But it can be intimidating for those with little-to-no experience or the seasoned dancer to dance before the Lord. This group will explore dance in the context of church, community, and day-to-day life through movement exercises, Biblical study, and conversation. All ages are welcome. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Childcare not provided.

Arise! (45+ Single or Widowed Women)

Linda Gandy,
Starts in October
Zip: 80920
This is a difficult time for many women who find themselves alone, whatever the circumstances of life. Women’s Arise is a ministry to women 45+ single or widowed, who would like to connect with other women in a similar place in life for relevant teaching, fellowship, discipleship, worship, prayer, and just being together! Join us as we make lasting friendships and delve deeper into becoming the women God had called us to be.

Join a Community Group

To sign up for a group or find out more information, please email the community group leader of the group that you are interested in.