The best spiritual training happens in the context of a small group with other believers of Jesus.

The best spiritual training happens in the context of a small group with other believers of Jesus.

Community Groups

Community groups are composed of men and women who meet on a regular basis and share life together. The C-Group context provides an atmosphere to study God’s Word, receive and give friendship, pray together and engage in activities.

Join a C-Group

In-Depth Studies
Leader: Robert Moore
Day/Time: Fridays, 6:30 PM
For Who? Men, Women, Singles, Married, College, High School
Location: Moore Home (Contact for address)
Contact: or 719-640-4920

Book of Romans Study
Leader: Sam Buescher
Day/Time: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturdays, 5:30 PM
For Who? Men, Women, Singles, Married
Location: Colorado Springs Area (Contact for address)
Contact Stephanie:

One Another Community Group
Leader: John Evans
For Who? Adults
Location/Time: Wednesdays, 7:00 PM (Contact John for address)

Lead a C-Group

Interested in leading a C-Group? Contact Pastor Vince for more information: 

Discipleship Groups

Following the example of Jesus who mentored through the context of three to twelve men, D-Groups are made up of three or four individuals of the same gender meeting regularly to build their relationship with Jesus and one another. These groups are self-started and self-sustained. Choose friends to begin a D-Group with!

You are encouraged to begin your D-Group with a study called, “Growing in Christ,”  covering important topics like assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory, forgiveness, guidance, putting Christ first, God’s character, the Bible, love, giving, the Church, good works and witnessing.

The D-Group model:

  1. Read the scriptures highlighted in the book.
  2. Ask the question: What is God showing me?
  3. Share with each other what God revealed.
  4. Prayer for one another and for others who don’t know Jesus.

If you need help forming or leading a D-Group, contact Roy and Betty Garcia: