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Kingdom Arts in Action

Kingdom Arts in Action is a creative arts program for youth and adults out of The Road at Chapel Hills church. This program is for anyone who wants to learn how to use their unique creative voice, and produce artistic works that have a redemptive kingdom message and a spirit of excellence. We will focus on creating original works, but will also utilize some existing works that carry the kingdom message.

Our emerging arts program in the Rockies aims to produce innovative artwork with a kingdom-based message, stage high-quality plays and performances that communicate this message, and inspire children to connect with God by nurturing their individual creative expressions.

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KAIA Classes

Spring classes have now begun. Check back for registration for upcoming classes!

More about KAIA

About the Director

Asia Wall

Asia Wall’s life has been profoundly shaped by her love for theatre. It all began at just eight years old, when she was mesmerized by a production of The Miracle Worker at Casa Manana Theatre in Fort Worth. From that moment on, she was hooked. She immediately began putting together plays, directing her siblings and cousins in a charming nativity play that Christmas.

Asia’s passion for theatre only grew from there. She studied acting throughout junior high and high school and even traveled overseas to Romania for drama evangelism before her senior year. During college, she pursued film, with a focus on writing and directing. But life had other plans, and she found herself leading worship and recording albums with her husband Daniel in Denton, while also doing graphic design for various ministries, including a children’s home in India.

Despite all these twists and turns, theatre never left Asia’s heart. After moving back to Fort Worth in 2017 and joining the creative community of AXL at Mercy Culture Church, she found her way back into the performing arts. She began teaching voice lessons at the Cottage Theatre in Watauga and eventually became the director, leading multiple theatre classes each week and directing plays such as Anne of Green Gables and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, as well as original productions.

Asia and Daniel had long felt called to move to Colorado Springs, and in 2021, they finally made the move. Asia quickly got involved with The Road and helped direct the VBS and Christmas productions before being named the Creative Arts Director. She is deeply passionate about what God is doing in the arts in Colorado Springs and believes that Kingdom Arts in Action is God’s vision. She is honored and humbled to play a role in stewarding that vision, empowering others to glorify God through their creative expressions.


All KAIA teachers have a passion for training kids in their specific artistic discipline, as well as a heart for discipleship. We believe in the words of Acts 17:28, that “In Him we live, and move, and have our being,” and aim to walk this out as we teach, demonstrate and impart. Our creativity is an outflow of our relationship with Jesus, and our aim is to inculcate this understanding in our students. Teachers engage in weekly studies as a group focusing on developing a “Kingdom Creative” mindset and praying for the program and the students together. This is our mission field, and we are committed to serving each student and family with the love of the Father, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a supreme dedication to excellence.

Meet the Teachers

Kris Storey

Kris Storey is an accomplished artist with over two decades of experience in painting with various mediums, with a particular affinity for watercolor. She finds this medium to be a unique and expressive form of art that allows for both freedom and spontaneity, while also producing vivid and translucent colors that seem to dance on the canvas.

Kris has been recognized for her artistic talents, having participated in multiple competitive shows and earning numerous awards for her exceptional works.

Beyond her artistic accomplishments, Kris is passionate about sharing her skills with others. She finds great joy in teaching the “magic” of watercolor painting to students, with the aim of empowering them to utilize their own artistic abilities to connect with others and make a difference in the world.

Mary Rodgers

Mary Rodgers, a Fort Collins, Colorado native, began her dance journey at the young age of four. Her dance repertoire includes a range of techniques such as Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Lyrical, and Jazz. A joy was quickly sparked in Mary’s heart for dancing for Jesus as her classes performed to worshipful songs at churches, nursing homes, and onstage.

As her skills developed, Mary performed in numerous full-length ballets such as The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Snow White. She continued her dance education at Colorado State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. During her time there, Mary received rigorous training in Ballet and Modern techniques, pedagogy, history, repertoire, improvisation, and choreography. She also performed in several student and faculty works and choreographed her own pieces.

Currently, Mary teaches Ballet, Acro, and Worship at the Colorado Ballet Society, where she shares her passion for dance and inspires her students to achieve their full potential in technique, movement, and worship.

Beyond her passion for dance, Mary enjoys coffee crafting, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and community. She has been happily married to her loving husband, Daniel, for five years.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Mary is excited to provide her students at KAIA with the tools they need to grow and excel in their dance journey with the Lord!

Ocean Wall

Ocean’s love for drawing was evident from the time that she could pick up a pencil, and she began experimenting with digital art at the tender age of 11. Despite only having access to a free art software program, YouTube tutorials and an outdated laptop with a trackpad, her passion for digital art grew as she made do with what she had. As she improved her skills, she invested in better tools and professional classes, pushing her creativity to the limits.

Today, Ocean is a successful artist who sells art commissions and creates original online comics. Her creative vision extends far beyond this, as she aspires to open her own studio and become a director of animated movies and TV shows.

In addition to her visual storytelling pursuits, Ocean is a multi-talented artist with a flair for singing, music, writing, and acting. She is an active member of several worship teams and has performed significant roles in many theatrical productions.

Ocean is committed to sharing her love for art and guiding others on their creative journey. As a Kingdom Arts in Action teacher, she is eager to help students unleash their God-given creativity and develop their storytelling abilities.

Click here to view Ocean’s online comic:

Megan Autrey

Megan, a homeschool mom and devoted outdoor enthusiast, began experimenting with watercolors years ago as a way to capture beauty during her family’s frequent camping trips. She soon discovered a passion that led her to pursue formal training through KAIA, and has watched her skill grow in leaps and bounds. She is incredibly grateful for this artistic journey, and is eager to pass on her knowledge to the next generation!



We wholeheartedly reject celebrity culture, which aims to put people on a pedestal and worship them. The Bible is clear that we are not to treat the “rich” differently, or prefer some men over others, and that in fact the greatest in the Kingdom is a servant of all. We don’t treat people differently based on their perceived talent or ability, but instead reserve the greatest honor for those who aim to serve others and take the lowest place.

(Matthew 23:11-12, Mark 10:45, Luke 14:11, Philippians 2:3-4, 1 Peter 4:10)


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” When we compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of who God uniquely created us to be. Anything we make from this place of comparison will be less than the full expression that God wants to give us. Instead of looking outward to others and the world for ideas and inspiration, we choose to look inward to the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us as well as to the Word of God and ask Him to partner with us in our creative efforts. In this way we will look less like the world, and more like Jesus.

(Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139:13-14)


We don’t create in a vacuum. It is crucial that we invite other believers into what we are making for the purpose of input, accountability, and feedback. We recognize that while the original spark lies within us, we need the help of others to see areas where we may have a blind spot or may need to push further or go deeper. We will work to create deep relationships with those who we can trust to speak into these areas, so that we can grow in our artistic process and our intimacy with God and others.

(Proverbs 18:1, Proverbs 27:17, Ecclesiastes 4:12, Hebrews 10:25)


Relationships are not for the purpose of self-promotion. We do not exploit the precious relationships God has placed in our lives in pursuit of power or importance. In any areas where we have done this in the past, we repent, and ask Holy Spirit to purify our hearts and our motives concerning the people He has given us to love. We will not seek to know others for what they can do for us or how they can benefit us, but simply for the joy of knowing Christ in them, and so that we can seek to participate in how God is working in and through their lives.

(1 Samuel 16:7, Psalm 24:3-4, Proverbs 16:2, Matthew 5:8, 2 Timothy 2:22)


We will cultivate intimacy with the Father through daily private encounters with His presence. Through this time in the Word and prayer, our inner man will be strengthened, sharpened, and readied to handle the glare of the spotlight. We acknowledge the soulish temptation to do things for the applause of man, and instead determine to create and perform out of the abundance of the Father’s love for us. We put the secret place first, and if we are struggling in this area we commit to reach out to others for repentance and prayer, and to take a break from the spotlight for a time if needed until we have reestablished this order in our lives.

(Psalm 32:7, Matthew 6:1&6, Luke 11:43, John 12:43, Galatians 1:10)


We recognize that truth is not often popular in our modern culture. However, as Kingdom creatives we have a mandate to express truth and beauty in everything that we do. Although this may cause our work to be rejected or misunderstood by some, we trust that it will also cause those with open hearts to see and recognize the glory of God, which will ultimately impact the culture at-large. We purpose to create works that glorify our Creator over ourselves and will not compromise in the content of our message, or the beauty of the expressive form which carries it.

(Proverbs 11:3, Romans 1:20, Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 4:2, James 4:4)


Attendance Policy: Attendance in all KAIA classes is very important, particularly in dance and theatre classes which rely on group participation. Students are encouraged to stay home when ill, but if more than 3 classes are missed in one semester participation in the end-of-semester recital may be compromised. Please speak directly with your teacher(s) if this is anticipated to be an issue.

Drop Policy: Students must withdraw by 12 pm on August 28, 2023 in order to receive a refund for their class(es). After this date no refunds will be issued.

Grade Policy: Though most classes are by participation only, and KAIA does not administer course credits, parents may request that their student be given a grade for family purposes. KAIA courses may be applied for homeschool credits using either the Proposed Course of Study Method of the Traditional Method. Please contact the program coordinator if you need more information on either of these options.

Dismissal Policy: There is no dismissal bell, but parents are expected to pick up their children at the classroom when class ends. Students who drive themselves to class must show a valid driver’s license to their teacher on the first day of class. All other students will only be released to their parent or guardian, unless the parent contacts the teacher on the day of class to let them know that other arrangements have been made.

Visitor Policy: It is the general policy of KAIA that only enrolled students and KAIA staff will be allowed inside classrooms during class times. Many of our classes involve spontaneous or improvisational activities which require a certain level of vulnerability in making mistakes, and having outside observers during this creative process can be counterproductive. But don’t worry, you will get to see all the amazing things your students create at the end-of-semester recital!

Student Code of Conduct: Students are expected to behave with honor, and to always respect themselves and others. To achieve this objective, the following Code of Conduct will be observed:

  • No verbal or physical violence of any kind will be tolerated, as our utmost goal through this program is to honor God with our speech and our actions.
  • No food or drink is allowed in classes, other than bottled water. Please eat before classes that involve a lot of physical activity, if needed.
  • During the time that the student is in class, all electronic devices should be turned off and put away, to allow the student to focus and respect the instructor’s time. If electronic devices are visible, they will be removed by the teacher until after the class time ends, and multiple infractions will result in further consequences.
  • All teachers should be addressed by Mr., Mrs., or Miss, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Although the nature of classwork is creative, there will still be deadlines for certain projects which students will be expected to meet.
  • Students must not damage the church property, or any props, costumes or classroom supplies that belong to the program. If any damages do occur, the parents will be financially responsible for replacing or repairing the damage, even if it is the result of an accident. Good stewardship of property and materials is a Biblical standard that we strive to uphold. In this same spirit, we also want to leave each area better than we found it, and ask that students help to keep classrooms clean and pick up after themselves. Teachers may at times ask students to assist in putting up chairs or tables at the end of a class, or to help by picking up trash, wiping down tables or other basic cleaning tasks as necessary.
  • The highest aim of the teachers is to foster creativity, responsibility, respect and a love for God through their classes, and behavior that seeks to diminish this goal or distract from it will be addressed, first through a verbal warning, second through a parent/teacher discussion, and third via meeting with the parents, student, teacher and program director. If behavior does not improve, removal from the program may be warranted, but only in the most extreme circumstances.

Dress Code Policy: Dance classes will have a specific dress code which will be addressed by your teacher. Drama classes involve a lot of movement, and students will be most comfortable in non-tight fitting clothing and tennis shoes or closed toed shoes. Think functionality over fashion. Painting classes could get messy, so wear clothing that you don’t mind getting a little extra color on! Keep in mind that shorts should not be too short (more than a couple of inches above the knee), and dresses or skirts should have leggings underneath for movement classes. Midriffs should not be exposed, which may mean wearing longer tunics or undershirts for movement-based classes. If you are in doubt about whether or not something is appropriate, please err on the side of modesty.

Lost and Found Policy: Items that are left behind will be put in the church’s lost and found. It will be your responsibility to seek these items out, if needed. Scripts that need to be replaced will be subject to a replacement fee.

Medication: KAIA does not dispense any medication or prescription drugs. If there is an extenuating circumstance, such as an EpiPen or other potential emergency medications, please speak with the program director.

We desire for KAIA to be a safe, loving community for all involved, and we thank you in advance for your prayerful support and participation in this mission!

Yearly Schedule

There are two annual semesters, consisting of 12 weeks in the Fall and 12 weeks in the Spring, as well as Summer camps and other opportunities. Each semester will conclude in a recital in which students will be able to display visual works and perform the dramatic works they have been working on throughout the semester. There will also be community events, creative artists’ gatherings and other opportunities for students and families to share their passion and build relationships with other kingdom creatives. All students are welcome to audition for The Road’s annual Christmas play as well as the VBS drama that takes place each Summer, and will receive communication about other ways to explore their creativity throughout the year.

Questions? Email Asia at