Steve Holt

Founder & Senior Pastor

Steve is a father of seven, husband of one, and the founding Pastor-Teacher of The Road @ Chapel Hills. He loves hunting, fly fishing, taking prayer walks, hanging out around a roaring fire with men, and coaching his sons and daughters to love Jesus. He loves reading history, theology and poetry. Steve is author of The God Wild Marriage and Worshipper Warrior.

Before starting The Road @ Chapel Hills, Steve and Liz were missionaries in Japan for ten years, and came to Colorado Springs in 1994. They have been married for over thirty-five years.

Steve has a Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) from Master’s Seminary and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of University of Georgia where he was a scholarship athlete in gymnastics.


Ryan Styre

Exec. Pastor: Operations & Youth


Brian Ming

Assoc. Pastor: Worship


Al McCausland

Assoc. Pastor: Assimilation & Empowerment


Christine Hawk

Women’s Director

Dennis Cates

Security Director

Anna Holt

Communications Director

Andy Popovich

Facility Director

Matt Ruppert

Children’s Director

Kyle DiGiacomo

Technical Director & Assoc. Worship Leader

Brea Ming

Executive Admin Assistant

Nelly Mayer

Office Admin of HR & Finance

Shonni Hassoldt

Facility Admin Assistant

Kristen Ming

Worship Admin Assistant

Mary Burton

Administrative Assistant

Jerry Forte

Community Groups Coordinator

Jennifer Sauls

CARE Coordinator

Melody Baker

Event Coordinator

Emmanuel Mutui

Technical Assistant

Greg Waggoner

Audio Manager

Jan Inman

Welcome Desk Manager

Matt Wilcoxson

Facilities Technician

Fletcher Crandall

Facilities Technician

Carlie Anderson

Youth Admin Asst.

Brandon Worthan

NexGen Check-in Coordinator

Kristin Ruppert

Asst. Director of NexGen

Brandi Thompson

Asst. Director of NexGen Jr.

Rochelle Battaglia

Nursery Captain

Brittni Williams

NexGen Captain

Jessica Alafat

NexGen Co-Captain

Nicole Calvert

Nursery Co-Captain

Blanca Davis

Toddler Co-Captain

Isabella Thompson

Preschool Captain

Elder Team

Josh & Amy Personius

Case & Billie Boogaard

Richard & Judy

Denny & Christine Hawk

Dennis & Michelle Cates

Steve & Carin

Leo & Kathy Goeas

Scott & Pam Heyler

Doug & Barb Guilzon

Sherm & Amy Moats


George Stahnke

Pastoral Counselor, Renewal Ministries

Dick Eastman

President, Every Home for Christ