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Steve Holt - 01/22/2023

All Of Us Are Guilty

Sermon Notes

Romans 2:11-29 | How well do your actions represent Christ? You may know and hear the Word, but do you do it? Join Senior Pastor Steve Holt in calling out hypocrisy with this great teaching from Romans 2. Your life is not defined by when you got saved, it’s defined by what you’re doing today. When we know the Lord, we have an even greater responsibility to be ‘doers’ of the Word… but don’t be discouraged. All of us have hearts that are not meeting the standard of God. We need to have Christ to be righteous! Be inspired to redefine your life with a transformed heart and truly live out God’s Word. | Watch Pastor Steve’s Sermons at and read his blog at

From Series: "Romans: Book of Revolution"

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