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Shonni Hassoldt:
Facilities Coordinator

Shonni is married to Steve Hassoldt, and has been blessed with 31 years of marriage and 13 children. She loves the LORD, the Bible, family time, being outdoors, camping, fiber arts, herbs and healthy eating, raising the family’s herd of sheep, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, cats and dogs, and numerous other adventures.

Anna Holt:
Communications Director

Anna has been a graphic designer for 12 years and began a design company called Cohesion Creative that serves businesses and organizations worldwide. She is passionate about experiencing Jesus and teaching others to follow His Spirit. Anna loves worship, deep conversations, hiking, skiing, writing and painting.

John Powell:

John is a faithful servant who has given focus to the technical and IT development of The Road. He also serves as part of the cadre leadership of Worshipper Warrior. John loves to spend time with his son hiking, playing legos and video games, reading the Bible, and occasionally engaging in nerf or pool noodle fights.

Chad Palmer:
Security Director

Chad is a husband, father, and disciple of the Lord who has been called to fight… for our country, our faith, our family, our friends, and for the Lord. After spending eight years in the United States Marine Corps, Chad found a career in the Colorado Springs area. Chad is passionate about faith, family and mentorship of men.

Stu Orr:
Outlier University Dean

Stu was awarded a Doctor of Laws (L.L.D) from Simon Greenleaf (now Trinity) School of Law after completing his Master of Arts curricula in Christian Apologetics. He partnered with Pastor Steve to begin Outlier University. He is married to his beautiful wife, Gayle.

Tara Fox:
Early Childhood Coordinator

Tara has been married to Andrew since 2002 and has three children. She is a homeschool mom and former elementary school teacher who is passionate about Jesus and sharing him with others. She loves spending time in God’s beautiful creation, writing about his love for us, and sipping a good cup of tea.

Colleen Nicholson: Communications Assistant

Colleen is involved in Lyme research as well as patient advocacy. Colleen aids The Road communications department in an administrative and editorial role. She is married to Jim and has three children and two grandchildren.

Key Volunteers

Steve Clark:
Facility Volunteer Coordinator

Nelly Barreto:
Library Coordinator

Tina Nutting:
Communion Coordinator

Della & Darryl Bailor:
Hospitality Coordinators

Jan Inman:
Welcome Desk Coordinator

Deb Perkins:
Greeters Coordinator

Roy & Betty Garcia:
Discipleship Group

Pam Doyon:
Prayer Coordinator

Don & Carol Hulin:
Usher Coordinators